In the grip of landscape

Kai Wasikowski

Auckland art fair

1-5 May, 2019

Michael Bugelli Gallery is pleased to present In the grip of landscape, a solo project by Kai Wasikowski for the Auckland Art Fair 2019.

Kai Wasikowski is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist. His artistic practice maps the intimate reverberations of living with the realisation of impending and disproportionate ecological disaster.

The Auckland Art Fair project, In the grip of landscape, expands Wasikowski’s recent work in Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship, Artspace (Sydney) curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor, Michelle Newton, and Lola Pinder.

In the grip of landscape invites reflection on the artificiality of indoor rock climbing and its paradoxical comparison with the reality of originating landscapes. This type of investigation is typical; the push and pull between natural/unnatural environments in our current atmosphere of rapid environmental/technological change, informs Wasikowski’s practice.

The AAF19 installation will include a series of wall based sculptures utilising readymade climbing holds, each hand printed using photo imagery from his time documenting New Zealand’s diminishing glacial shelves.

The sculptures are unique works made from multiple components. The three configurations on the booth walls accumulate to form an ‘environment’. The visitor is surrounded with tactile fragments which have the scale of rocks but the imagery of massive New Zealand landscapes. This intention to create an environment/ setting continues an interest successfully demonstrated by MBG at AAF18 where the booth was transformed; it became a room.

In the grip of landscape challenges art fair expectations with an offer to include re-imagined environments, from an organic background comes the consumer foreground.