nervous / rhythm is a substantial monograph on the work of Heather B. Swann.

The book is richly illustrated, with almost 50 reproductions providing a comprehensive picture of the artist’s recent work, in particular her ‘performance tool’ projects since 2016. In addition, there are six essays by art scholars and critics from both Australia and Japan which offer a variety of perspectives on Swann’s work:

Virginia Fraser 
Melbourne-based artist and writer

Deborah Hart 
Head of Australian Art, National Gallery of Australia 

heather b. swann’s full moon spoon
Hitomi Toku 
Director, Public Diplomacy Section, Australian Embassy, Tokyo 

human eyes
Gina Levenspiel 
Miegunyah Research Fellow, Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, University of Melbourne 

the enigmatic body of heather b. swann 
Elspeth Pitt 
Curator of Australian Painting and Sculpture (20, 21 centuries), National Gallery of Australia 

sculpture that knows waiting
Daisuke Harada 
Tokyo-based independent curator/writer 


Printed in Tasmania. published in both Japanese and English
ISBN 978-0-646-99368-3 
Dimensions: 108 x 175 mm
Illustrations: 36 colour, 11 black & white photographs