heather b. swann

the long rock

1 - 4 august 2018

spring1883 - the hotel windsor

Michael bugelli gallery is pleased to present a solo project by heather b. swann for spring1883. 

the new installation includes the long rockawkwardo and the shoemaker. all three exist both as discrete, self-contained sculptural objects and as what the artist refers to as ‘performance tools’, devices which can change the shape of the human body or focus attention on the way it moves or acts. awkwardo and the shoemaker will later feature in the artist’s first solo exhibition in japan-  I let my body fall into a rhythm- which will be shown at the buoy arts centertokyoin october, as part of the australianow festival. the spring1883 project will also feature new video work, and live performance by swann’slong-term muse and collaborator, melbourne soprano astrid connelly. the gallery commissioned heather to make a soundscape with london based composer gawain hewitt.

the long rock further explores the sensations and metaphors of swann’srecent auckland art fair installation the waiting room: expectation and stasis, anticipation and absence. the artist finds the art fair platform hilarious, and the hotel room setting melancholy; in the collision of these two feelings she finds and refines a perfect, trembling absurdity.