Heather B. Swann
The Waiting Room

May 23 - 27, 2018
Auckland Art Fair
Booth D1

Heather B. Swann has a longstanding interest in tracing and inhabiting intense, extreme emotional states. In recent years she has faced feeling through the major performance sculpture work Nervous (National Gallery of Australia, 2016) and the object, video and live performance installations Luna (Michael Bugelli Galley, 2017) and Lullaby Suite (Spring1883, Sydney, 2017). 

Her latest iteration of the theme is in The Waiting Room, to be shown at the Auckland Art Fair next month. This mixed media installation explores anxiety, that familiar but uncomfortable mixture of hope and trepidation. Once again combining objects and action, The Waiting Room will challenge the confident presentness of the art fair platform with the awkwardness of expectation, of those fraught moments before anything happens. 

Heather will discombobulate at another art fair with The Long Rock at Spring1883, Melbourne in August, before heading to Japan for I let my body fall into a rhythm. Showing at the BUoY Arts Center, Tokyo, in October, this major international project will also employ ‘performance tool’ sculptures, but here they will be activated not in accordance with a fixed, authorised, choreographed narrative sequence, but in non-directed, non-linear, performer-devised, repetitive patterns. Throughout the ten days of the exhibition, one or more of the sculptures will be in use as a performance tool at all times. Heather will be working with quite a number of players and performers, including the Australian soprano Astrid Connelly and the Japanese actor Riki Takeda. I let my body fall into a rhythm is part of the Australian Embassy in Tokyo’s Australia now program.